About Us

We are oncology recruiters— and only oncology recruiters

Oncology Search matches specific oncology experience with organizations and positions that put the full breadth of a candidate’s experience and skills to use.

We provide access to oncology research and development professionals, managers and executives to biotech companies and organizations throughout the United States.

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A deeper understanding of oncology research and management professionals

We have worked with biotech organizations for more than 30 years, allowing our firm to provide internal views and larger perspectives as they affect the oncology space. In this time, Oncology Search has developed an incredibly diverse network to meet even the most complex search requirements.

Oncology recruiting, strengthening oncology research teams, making them more effective contributors to the scientific and clinical communities is something we take every measure of pride in.

We take a hands-on approach to every oncology talent search—offering a single point of contact with unprecedented real world experience and a hyper niche focus.

Our Founder— Steve Collins

Steve founded a recruiting company in 1991 to provide experienced pharmaceutical talent to organizations throughout the United States. Several years after that beginning, he realized the challenges many biotechnology organizations face when trying to identify qualified oncology professionals for research and development positions. He also realized how difficult finding specific oncology R&D and leadership experience can be without concentrating all of his company’s efforts in that niche area. Thus, a new business, Oncology Search, was born. That organization now has clients throughout the United States in locations such as the Bay area of San Francisco, the greater Boston area, San Diego and surrounding locations, the RTP-Raleigh area of North Carolina, and various markets in Maryland, Texas, the Northeast, etc. This success can be attributed to our ability to identify top oncology talent that others cannot.