Experience Driven Oncology R & D Recruitment

We take great pride in being able to identify oncology research & development and executive talent others cannot.

A Firm Focus on the Future of Oncology R&D

We work closely with our clients throughout North America, discovering their technical and cultural requirements, and then rely on our 30+ years of experience and extensive knowledge of the oncology field to make effective and informed placements.

Our oncology research and development recruiters are an invaluable candidate resource. We consider every personal and professional detail to give our candidates the best chance at real upward career mobility. Are you seeking an R&D or executive level position? We can help.

Establishing lasting relationships in oncology.

We are oncology research and development recruiters with more than 30 years scientific staffing and HR experience. Our specialization affords us the opportunity to achieve an understanding of oncology R&D that a generalist recruiter will never realize. Whether you are struggling to find the right professional for your organization or seeking to make the next step in your career, Oncology Search has the experience to make that search a success.